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L. Petrenko

УДК: 658.1

L. Petrenko



The issue of analysis of trends in the development of machine-building enterprises in Ukraine is concerned within the current article. The system generates a complete dossier for each company in Ukraine based on open data, monitors changes in state registers and visualizes relations between affiliates. Machine building is traditionally considered as the driver of Ukrainian economy development, with trends characterizing the machine-building industry being downward and negative. In spite of the fact that machine building ranks third by the share in the total volume of industrial production, the trend allows us to characterize the situation as critical. As a result of the research, trends and structural characteristics of industrial development are analyzed. One of the main reasons for the downward trends in the development of domestic machine building is the critically low domestic demand for equipment manufactured in Ukraine. During the 2000s, a large part of major equipment was purchased from European manufacturers Danieli and Siemens in order to modernize domestic metallurgy. In particular, the shares of products by the most powerful types of industrial activity in the total volume of industrial production of Ukraine were studied. Indicators of net profit (loss) of machine-building enterprises in our country are given, the share of value added in the costs of domestic machine-building enterprises is determined. Attention is paid to the dynamics of changes in the profitability of machine-building enterprises and trends in their sales in recent years. In general, it should be noted that the sales structure of machine-building products indicates the dominance of the third technological paradigm, which makes it impossible to reckon Ukraine among the countries characterized by high potential for efficient development in the future. The critically low share of machine-tool products draws attention in the sales structure of machine-building products. A study of changes in the volume of exports of Ukrainian enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering, the functional structure of export products of this industry. Conclusions are made regarding the place and role of Ukrainian machine-building enterprises in global markets. In accordance with experts, one of the critical problems of domestic machine-building enterprises is the outdated technological infrastructure. Despite the fact that Ukrainian machine-building enterprises became attractive investment targets for European investors in 2015–2016, it is still worth noting that the "raw material orientation" is associated with domestic manufacturers, as machine-building enterprises sell man-hours even in the high-tech industrial sector instead of intelligence. In general, there were no significant changes in the export structure of machine-building products in terms of manufacturability during 2010–2016; the products of the third technological paradigm remain the priority.

Л. А. Петренко



У статті підіймається питання аналізу тенденцій розвитку машинобудівних підприємств в Україні. У результаті дослідження обґрунтовано тренди та структурні характеристики розвитку промисловості. Зокрема, досліджено частки продукції за найпотужнішими видами промислової діяльності в загальному обсязі промислового виробництва України. Наведено показники чистого прибутку (збитку) машинобудівних підприємств в нашій країні, визначено частку доданої вартості у витратах вітчизняних машинобудівних підприємств. Звернуто увагу на динаміку зміни показників рентабельності машинобудівних підприємств та тенденції їх продажів протягом останніх років. Проведено дослідження змін обсягу експорту продукції вітчизняних підприємств галузі машинобудування, наведено функціональну структуру експортної продукції представників цієї галузі. Зроблено висновки стосовно місця та ролі вітчизняного машинобудування на глобальних ринках.

№ 4 2018

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Відомості про авторів

L. Petrenko

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,SHEE «Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman», Ukraine

Л. А. Петренко

к. е. н., доцент кафедри економіки підприємств, ДВНЗ «Київський національний економічний університет ім. Вадима Гетьмана», м. Київ

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Petrenko, L. (2018), “Development trend analysis of machine-building enterprises in Ukraine”, Efektyvna ekonomika, [Online], vol. 4, available at: http://www.economy.nayka.com.ua/?op=1&z=8285 (Accessed 22 Apr 2021).

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